Pregnancy changed my body. Birthing my baby girl changed my body. Breastfeeding changed my body. Stopping breastfeeding changed my body. Going back on birth control changed my body.

It's been almost two years since I found out I was going to have a baby. I don't think my body is done changing! Pregnancy, age and life in general have provided me with a reality check about my body, and in turn, my health.

I've been active on Twitter lately participating in #HeartHealth chats. Two chats have been directly work related, but I was happy to "do my job" and tweet hours after my actual work day had ended.

I had my 1st EKG at the age of 22 when I went in to get my tonsils removed. The heart problems of my grandmother and mother triggered the need for the extra precaution of an EKG before surgery.  My grandma had her first heart attack at the age of 39. My mom had her first hear issue at the age of 41. This information alone should have been my reality check… but I was 22 with the world to concur and little attention was given to my heart health.

I have done as my family doctor suggested, which is to have a full heart work up every 5 years. All the tests have been fine so I haven't thought much about it.

Now that I'm still getting used to the new shape of my hips and the presence of my "mommy pouch" I've been thinking more about my health and the looming possibility that I could have a heart issue in less than 10 years.

I make no claims that I was in shape before getting pregnant - I wasn't. I had other health issues (female problems - if you ask my girlfriends they'll tell you my lady parts hate me and getting pregnant and having a baby was a miracle - I agree) and my own lack of good health choices prevented me from really grabbing a hold of my own health.

This week I hope to take the 1st steps to a true health change. My dear husband and my mother-in-law have come up with a diet plan and menus. My DH got all the groceries today so we can follow the plan.

My DH and I have made a schedule of when we'll go to the gym. We used to go together, but now with work schedules and kids we schedule time for one to go the gym and one to be home.

I hope with the support of my DH and MIL that this will truly be a life change.

It's got to… don't overlook the fact that my MIL is a part of this. There's nothing like good motherly guilt to get things done!