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Wrath of a Colorado storms hits my garden

Posted by Misty Montano on Saturday, August 8, 2009, In : Gardening 

An unexpected surgery and lengthy recovery kept me out of my garden for a good portion of the summer.  My loving husband and boys got in the garden boxes to weed when I couldn't.  Garden experts @gardnhelp gave me advice on proper feeding/fertilizing of my tomato plants which grew large, but with little to no fruit.  I did what I could with limited physical activity and a schedule that never seemed to stop with family activities and work.

I admit I have had only small hope for the tomato plant...

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Garden Boxes

Posted by Misty Montano on Sunday, May 31, 2009, In : Gardening 

I love to garden.  I love fresh vegetables through the summer and fall.  My garden takes me back to my Grandma & Grandpa Baker's home and Grandpa's garden that seemed to go on forever.  I try every year to create the garden from my childhood.  I try to make Grandpa proud. 

I grew up in Nebraska where you just planted the seed, added water and voila a beautiful and plentiful garden grew.  I quickly learned that Colorado gardening is not the same as Nebraska gardening and I'm pretty sure Grandp...

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I answer to many names Misty Lou, Misty Jean, Mistycal and even Extrafancy are just a few of the nicknames to which I answer. The most important names though are Wife, StepMom and Mom. With all these names it's sometimes hard to know who I am! This blog started as a Nebraska girl learning, trying, succeeding and failing at gardening in Colorado. Along the way in growing my garden, I grew my family too as I married a wonderful man and became StepMom to two precious Boys. Now our family grows more as we have a Baby Girl. So here is all of me as I share my family, home and garden. BTW my middle name is Jennifer; my name is Misty Jennifer Montano.