I picked almost all the Serrano peppers to dehydrate. They're so little to work with I find drying them is the easiest way to preserve them. When It's time to use them I crush them and toss them in whatever I'm making.

I have a Nesco Dehydrator that I use for everything from making jerky, to drying fruit, to making fruit roll ups. (Although now is the time my husband would object to tell you I am not telling you the truth. The truth is I haven't used the dehydrator in over a year and he just doesn't remember. ;) lol!) Normally I would cut up fruits or vegetables to make for a shorter drying time. However, for these small Serrano peppers I leave them whole. I space them out on the dehydrator tray and set the temperature to the fruits/vegetables setting and walk away.

After 36 hours of in the dehydrator the peppers are fully dried and ready to be stored. I store them in a sandwich bag in my cupboard and dream of the recipes where I can use the ground up Serrano peppers, with or without the seeds!