27 weeks and 4 days pregnant... with an entire hot summer to go until due date of September 1st.

  1. Maternity pants that didn't fit, now fit.  Last time I wore my maternity jean capris I continually had to pull them up because the safety pin I had been using to keep them in place broke.  This time they stayed in place just fine.  There's still plenty of room for me and Plurk to grow!  (This should make my doctor happy.  At 24 weeks I had only gained 8lbs the entire pregnancy.  I was encouraged to put on more weight to support this last trimester.)
  2. Plurk moves all the time.  I swear he/she is practicing for Dance Revolution.  Before Plurk would move but the moment I or my hubby put hands on my tummy to feel the movement, shyness took over and all movement stopped.  Now the Baby could care less who feels the moves.
  3. My hopes and desires for moving haven't exactly changed, but have settled.  The family that had been interested in our home backed out.  When that happened the anxiety of the unknown won over my desire to be in a home that my husband and I picked together instead of being in a home from a past marriage at this new stage of life for us.  I think the nesting symptom of pregnancy I've been hearing about is the cause of this.  I need to know where Plurk will sleep.  I need to start making his/her area.  I need to assure my step-boys of their future that that we have a plan for us all.
  4. Gravity, however, has not changed.  I went swimming for the first time since getting pregnant.  Yes, I even got into a maternity bathing suit - a one piece baby doll that I found myself quite comfortable in!  The moment I submerged myself in the water all the weight on my lower back was gone.  It was awesome!  I let the lazy river move me.  I walked the lanes and even swam a few laps.  Every time I got out of the pool the reality of gravity hit with force!  The moment my belly cleared the water BAM full weight on my lower back that caused much pain.  If I could, I would live in the water the rest of pregnancy!
The boys loved playing in the newly remodeled aquatics area of the Westminster City Park Recreation Center.  They enjoyed it all but spent most of their time in the rock wall area.  I wish I could've done the rope swing with them!