It never fails.  I get flushed and swell with happiness when I am recognized through my husband, Shawn Montano!  I absolutely love introducing myself as, “Hi, I’m Shawn’s wife!”

I am very proud of my accomplishments with my career and the recognition I receive through my career, but my greatest accomplishment is my marriage to Shawn and our family.

I am having a hard time with the appropriate words right now to correctly express my love for, admiration of and pride in my husband.  Today Shawn closes a marvelous, exciting, and rewarding chapter in his life as he is leaving the television news industry.  His passion for good, solid story telling and video editing can be felt just by listening him talk about his craft.

His accomplishments and recognitions are numerous.  He is the only person to receive the honor of Video Editor of the Year four times from the National Press Photographer’s Association.  He has been apart of very powerful and engaging stories.

Along the way in his 14-year career, Shawn began teaching and sharing his insights into the theory of editing and the elements of good visual story telling.  It’s been a thrill for me to watch my husband get more and more passionate about teaching video editing and videography.  I know his decision to leave an industry he loves wasn’t easy.   The love he found for teaching lead him to his decision to leave.

We’re so very lucky he was able to make this decision on his own terms.  We survived one layoff and joked at the time we needed to diversify our family since we both work in the news industry.  Now it’s happening.

I am so proud of Shawn for being willing to take on new challenges so he can focus on teaching and to continue learning himself.  His goal is to teach full time and to get his Masters.  As we make steps to achieve his goals, he will continue teaching at Front Range Community College and take on freelance projects.  (Yes, he’s for hire!)  

To my darling husband Shawn,
I love you.
I am so very proud of you.
Thank you for being my husband.
Thank you for our family.
Your Wife,
Mrs. Shawn Montano.