We're two weeks into the Montano Family Challenge and the only update I have is: I broke my funny bone.

No joke.

Well, okay I didn't actually break any bones. I have ulnar nerve damage from hitting my elbow a.k.a. my funny bone extremely hard on a corner of a desk at work a few weeks ago. Whatever injury I caused didn't heal and now the nerve is inflamed to the point that I have only tingly feelings in my pinky and ring fingers on my left hand. The pain radiates from my elbow through my finger tips & up through my shoulder.

What does my funny bone have to do with our family challenge - nothing. It's not an injury (at this point) that prevents me from exercising and certainly has nothing to do with my diet. But, nothing or nowhere is where we are with our family challenge.

I'm disappointed, but not surprised. These last two weeks have involved two trips - family vacation to Salida and my brother's wedding in Nebraska - and breaking news of the High Park Fire. The past two weeks feel like months. All I want is to sleep!

I know I can't though. I have GOT to take our challenge seriously for several reasons:
  1. Health, of course. My mom and grandma had heart attacks at ages 41 and 39. I have to protect my heart.
  2. Health insurance. If I pass a physical and blood work and BMI and I don't know what else by Aug. 31, I'll get a discount on our health insurance.
  3. I've been nominated for a Regional Emmy - nominated twice in the same category "Interactivity!" The Emmy Gala is July 21st and I want to look and feel better about myself. Even if I hadn't been nominated, I'd feel this way. I'm President of the Board of Governors for the Heartland Chapter of NATAS. Being nominated is just an extra push I need.  
So, what am I going to do? I'm going to carve out the time I need to take care of myself. I really have no other choice.
My update sums up the update for the entire family. The boys are reading, but not as much as is required weekly in the challenge. My husband is in the same boat as me for our health challenge. He's got to make time for himself too.

So onward we go. I hope my next update is a much better one!