Well, I messed up with my website... as in I no longer own it. We got a new checking account and I apparently inputted my info wrong. So when auto renewal for the domain came around, it failed and I didn't realize it. The alert email ended up in spam folder. I was able to use the website for months without knowing anything was wrong. On Friday someone else bought/registered mistymontano.com. :-\ 

I just hope it's another Misty Montano who is going to use it and not someone who is going to do very bad things, or it's someone who is just going to sit on it, hoping I'll buy it back and a huge price -- which I won't. The WhoIs is private so I can't see who bought it.

This has been a crushing lesson for me. My name is no longer mine. I won’t mess up the domain renewal again. I hope this never happens to you.

I haven't used my site much lately and was in the process of rethinking and redesigning it. I guess this is the brutal kick I needed to get me moving. So as you already see I got myself a new domain and all my previous writings are back up. The comments are no longer there, but I still have them in my Disqus dashboard. 

I’ve been stuck because I’ve felt lost. I started writing as an assignment editor learning to use social media as a journalist. I’m no longer an assignment editor and don’t have the same challenges and adventures from On the News Desk as I did. I’m now a manager teaching and strategizing. I feel the weight of all that entails. This by no means I can’t write about social journalism, but I do have to be more selective. I am in a very competitive business. While what I and my colleagues do socially isn’t secret, I don’t feel I can spell it out before we do it.

So I think to myself, “I can write the recap.” Then I don’t. Life happens and I’m not making the time to write.

I feel the same sort of weight when it comes to writing about family. As you may know, we’ve been living with my in-laws for 9+ months. I don’t want anything I could ever write to be misconstrued. Always protect family first is my motto.

I haven’t had a garden to write about. I haven’t had much time to cook. I’ve been too exhausted to do more than tweet 140 character thoughts about being a mom. I have written tons of posts in my head and that is where they stay. And, I don’t want to admit all my fears and anxieties that I have about being a good wife, mom and provider.

Obviously, I’ve got to get over myself and make the time to write - make the time for me. I actually already have a few blogs written and ready to publish.