We went to the first Denver County Fair at the National Western Complex Friday night.  The boys had a blast taking their little brother on rides, and of course riding the big rides themselves. I think the most fun they had were in these Hamster Water Balls.  All I know is that if we had these things at home they'd be nightly activity... ahh, how quickly they'd go to bed after fun in these balls!

I wasn't surprised there weren't many rides available. The complex isn't big enough to hold many rides.  Perhaps next year the organizers would consider putting the rides in one of the parking lots so more rides would be available.

From Denver County Fair

Squeaks enjoyed the night on daddy's back!

From Denver County Fair

We spent most of the evening outside at the rides, but did walk through most of the exhibits before the Fair closed.  The complex was separated into sections that made it a mix of the county fair I grew up with and new age.  It made me miss being in 4-H when I entered as much as I could during fair time.  One year I created my own trail mix that took a 1st Place ribbon!  I think I still have some of the ceramics I painted, glazed and fired in a box.  I know I have some of the doll clothing I sewed stashed away.  I hope my daughter will want to dress her dolls up in these cloths some day!

I walked away from the fair with a desire to buy my own sewing machine to take up sewing again.  I feel the challenge of growing the next prize winning squash.  My canning supplies are calling out to me!

It's been two years since I've had a garden.  Last year I was too pregnant to garden.  This year we put the house on the market and starting a garden I would possibly have to abandon just didn't make sense.  I'm going to have to get some scrumptious veggies at the farmers markets for canning this year.

All this fun was had 25-minutes from home!

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