Mojitos are one of my favorite drinks, especially on a hot summer day or on a holiday like today.

However, I don't like the sugar that is a part of the drink. Some mojitos are way too sweet for me. So I started making my own without sugar, but are just as tasty or even as sweet. For the first time I tried a flavored rum, mango to make mojitos. The mango flavoring made the drink even sweeter, almost dangerous to the point you can forget you're drinking rum!

Rum - favorite white Rum, Mango flavored (or plain)
Fresh mint leaves
Diet lemon lime soda

Muddler if you have one - I use a heavy wooden spoon


1. Cut limes into quarters and rinse off the mint leaves
2. Add 2 or 3 mint leaves to a glass
3. Squeeze a lime wedge over the mint leaves 
4. Mash the mint and lime juice with muddler or wooden spoon
5. Add ice to the glass
6. Pour in rum - desired amount/taste
7. Fill glass remaining way with diet soda
8. Stir
9. Enjoy!
10. Don't drink and drive!

Happy 4th of July!