I am a dark chocolate lover. I don't like chocolate that is too sweet. So while my stepsons played outside on this snowy day I decided to make homemade hot chocolate.

Let me make this clear; I made up this recipe just today and my nine-year old actually thought it was too much chocolate! "Oh man there is way too much chocolate!" he exclaimed. The rest of us sipped it down in chocolate happiness and Dad also drank the mug that was "too much chocolate."

Chocolate coma hot chocolate (4 servings)

4 squares (1oz each) unsweetened chocolate (I warned you!)
4 C milk
1/2 C Splenda
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg

In a double boiler I melted the chocolate. Once the chocolate was melted I slowly stirred in the Splenda, cinnamon and nutmeg until it was all melted together.

Then I stirred in the milk a little at a time.

Once all the milk was added I left it warming in the double boiler until the boys came home from playing.

I ladled the hot chocolate into four mugs. Mmm, chocolate coma heaven!

If this is actually too much chocolate for you, make any variations you desire to fit your taste, i.e. less chocolate or more milk.


P.S. Did you know chocolate milk is supposed to be as good as red wine in keeping your heart healthy