A gush of water with the force of an uphill water coaster shot the Baby out into the doctor’s raised arms.  My body jolted with shock.  How did he catch the Baby?  His arms were raised over his left shoulder as if he’d gone long to catch a football.  I swear the Baby, coincidentally shaped like a football, had flown threw the air a few feet!

My eyes searched for my Baby... A VAGINA!!  I see a vagina!!!  I have a Baby Girl!

I turned my head to find my husband’s face.  Had he seen?  Was he covered in the amniotic fluid that had carried her and splashed to the ground?’

His face, probably a mirror image of my own, with wide eyes filled with shock and excitement, found my face.  Together we said, “It’s a girl!”

I had taken the entire nursing staff by surprise.  This was my first Baby and everyone, especially me, had expected a long delivery.  I had been in the labor and delivery room for only eight hours or so.

I’d come in to be induced and had only been given the pill that thinned my cervix about five hours ago.  Just an hour ago the nurse was still telling me I would get the pitocin and the epidural.  Now my body was in control and I was pushing without meaning to push!

In 40 minutes I had gone from 2 cm dilated to 10 cm dilated! 

The nurses realized the baby was coming and the room became a scene from the movies.  One nurse was on the phone with my doctor, who was at least a half an hour away from the hospital.  Other nurses were getting the infant warmer ready.  A nurse took away the end part of my bed.  I saw the blur of motion and heard excited voices as the nurses got the room ready for the baby to arrive.

The nurse on the phone said my doctor wouldn’t make it and then yelled for the on-call hospital doctor to be paged.  Another nurse had my right hand and leg.  She told my husband to grab my left leg and to push it up like she had done. 

A tall white-haired man hurried into the room.  In seconds he was gowned and gloved and sitting at the end of the bed between my legs.  He told me to push.  The nurse holding my leg told me to push.  I pushed!

People were telling me the head was out.  I was being told to push again.  Again I pushed and I felt myself tear!  That was it.  The doctor ran across the room and caught the baby!

Okay, he didn’t move from my bed at all.  It just seemed like it.  Baby Girl Montano was born with a dramatic flair on August 31st at 6:46 a.m.

You can find more details on the chaos and more pictures by reading the unabridged version.