Dec. 24th

I'm wide awake again way earlier than normal. This time I forgo the internal argument and head straight to the bathroom to take test number two. This time I do it wide awake while never taking my eyes off the test. Sure enough the faint vertical line shows again making a positive sign, again.

I walk back into the bedroom holding the test and plop back down on the bed. "Well?" Shawn asks? "Positive. Again." I respond. I'm not as shocked yesterday but I still can't believe it's happened; I'm pregnant. "I knew it." Shawn says in a bold, manly, even proud voice.

Tonight is my mother-in-law's Christmas Eve party. She makes me laugh and has always welcomed me into the family. She'll know in a one heartbeat I'm pregnant if I don't drink wine with her tonight; actually, the whole family would know if I didn't drink wine.

So, exactly how am I going to pull this off? I can't say I'm not feeling well because that will only bring on suspicious. Out right faking is my best game plan. Oh, and I must admit I respect good wine. The wine tonight will be good wine. This is wine that cannot just be tossed down the drain. If I did that it would simply be sinful.

Game Time.

I'm in the house for only a minute before someone hands me my first glass of wine. I pretend to sip as the rest of family and friends arrive. I see that my mother-in-law's glass is close to empty. I grab it from her telling her I'll get her a refill. I poured half of my untouched wine into her glass and topped her glass of with fresh wine. I know she agrees with me that this wine cannot be tossed. Later on when we tell her about the baby and how I tricked the whole family tonight by pouring my wine in her glass, she will laugh and thank me for not wasting the wine.

I figure if I can keep my glass about half full and pretend once in a while to refill it that no one will be suspicious. The problem is my mother-in-law likes to keep my glass as filled as hers and more than once when I wasn't looking she filled my glass again. So when she wasn't looking I'd grab her glass, slip out of sight and pour mine into hers.

That's how the whole night went. I think only one friend of the family eyed me funny when my half glass of wine never got empty. I did have one aunt within minutes of arriving ask me if I was pregnant yet. I was chopping onion for homemade guacamole and almost cut my finger! I turn my back to wash my hands and to answer at the same time. "No, no. Not yet." She couldn't see my face to catch any signs of deceit.

All the family likes to tease my mother-in-law about me getting pregnant. She's always said she has no more room for love in her heart for another grandchild! I've never taken offense to this a I know she'll do all she can to support us and love us all when she does find out about her new grandbaby. It's actually quite funny when the family teases her about this. She just shakes her head and says with a sigh, "no, no. I have no more love" and then laughs.

So the teasing tonight was extra fun as Shawn and I stole glances that sparkled with the secret of my pregnancy.

Source of wine glass picture.