John Doe

Granting an on air t.v. interview about alien abductions.  An abductee requesting an interview.  How does this work?  Can someone contact me to explain the process.  555-555-5555 and ask for John Doe over at No Name Modeling & Talent Agency”

Yes, the above is indeed a news tip/request that the station received last week via email.  To protect the identity of the tipster, I changed the name and a few other details.  All of my changes are in italics.

Every once in a while we receive alien abduction tips, but by no means are these the craziest we’ve ever received.  Much like the consistency of the phone calls, we can also rely on the wacky to the absurd email news tip.

Oh, and we can’t rule out the random faxes, nor the written letters! 

Please share your craziest news tip or customer experience!