It seems though I may have programmed the producers too well.  I’ve written how I proudly wear the Dream Killer Tiara as I often have to tell producers they can’t have desired live shots because logistically they’re just not possible. Everyone knows though that I, and the others on the news desk, work hard to make all the requests come true.  

So I was quite surprised yesterday when a producer cancelled a live shot without even talking to me about a way to make it happen. "You’ve got me so programmed, you dream killer, I didn’t even think to ask," said the producer in surprise when I told him I had already put a back-up plan to save the live shot in place.

(With my best sad face) "What? You doubt me?" Blink. Blink.

In all seriousness, everything was fine. I had already paged the crew with the alternate plan once the live truck failed. I was just about to tell another photographer to take a truck quick-as-a-bunny to the live location. There was time to have a little fun with the producer with a little guilt trip!

Sometimes there are easy solutions when plans fall apart. Sometimes the plans aren’t so easy. Sometimes the only plan is to scrap the plan and come back to the station. The plan is ALWAYS do whatever it takes to get the story ON THE AIR ON TIME.

We all work to make it happen. I’m glad the producer understands that he/she may not always get the requested shot, but I should at least be asked about rescuing it. Anyone know how to de-program a producer, just the tiniest bit? Maybe just add an insert in the thought process "Ask Misty (or whomever is on the desk) if it can work"?  I can't have a this happen again!