Me: "CBS4 News this is Misty"

Caller:  "This is John Doe and you don't know me from hell cause I've kept it that way but I just have to do something to help Michael.  You see I was a child actor and under contract with Disney at 18.  Then I went on to be a producer at Liberty UA.  I worked with Dick Clark to create the American Music Awards."

(I didn't interrupt, but I knew I was in for a long call if I let it go on, but it was quiet in the newsroom and he wasn't being irate or belligerent.  I let him talk and interjected a few mumblings of "hmm" "oh" and "I see.")

"What I want the world to now is how concert promoters, TV stations let this happen...

(He trailed off for just a second, lost in memory I suppose.  When he spoke again he said one line about Woodstock.)

I was at Woodstock with a band that I was promoting and there I got to know Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and others."

(Then he went on to finish his original thought.)

"People don't know about the green rooms.  TV stations and producers don't want you to know what happens in the green rooms; they look the other way when it comes to drug deals.  How I'm alive at 64 I don't know.  But that's what happened to Michael to Hendrix.  Being a part of the biz made drugs so available.  Once I lived with (insert famous singer) who did $2,500 in cocaine per week.  I ran into her six weeks ago and she admitted to me that she still does coke."

(As he's talking I'm writing what he's telling me.  I can't tell if he's lucid and telling me the truth, or if he's made all this up.  But, I let him talk as I take notes.)

"Is there any way to tell the real story of what happens to celebrities, to the stars?  If there's any way I can help, I want to.  I have opened doors to just about anywhere; even retired I can still open those doors.  It's the media's fault.  I blame the media for looking the other way.  That's why Michael died."

(He became silent.)

Me:  "Sir, thank you for calling.  I've taken notes from everything you've told me.  I don't think there is anything we can do, but if you want I'll give my notes to the entertainment reporter.  And sir, so you know, this station doesn't have a green room."

Caller:  "Yes, please talk to the reporter.  I want to do all I can.  Good night and God Bless young lady."

Me:  "Good night sir."