Email tips that make you go "what?"


This is what I sent the ASPCA.

I would like to report cruelty against some poor squeal's in a tree. I was taking my dog out today at about 10:30am and I was standing in my front yard. Then I heared these tree removal people cutting a branch off a large tree to clear for the "under-constuction" Light Rail behind my house. I didn't think anything of it at first, Then one guy up in the tree w/ a chainsaw said "Check out this squeal at the top of this branch!" , he laughed, "Get a good spot to see it fly!". I was stunned, it is at least 40ft in the air that this branch was located. Before I could react he started chainsawing the branch, With the crack of the branch, Three poor little squeal's fell to the ground from the top of the branch. I dont know if they are O.K. or not. For all I know there dead, because they landed in my neighbor's yard. Well I thought you all should know about this.


I've noticed lately that the email news tips we receive have been well written and well thought out. Organizations are doing their own PR by sending us tips and information on their events through This has changed from past email tips that leaned more towards the crazy and the absurd. Sometimes these emails were so angry and so poorly written. I'm honestly not seeing this so much any more. (We still have regular crazy, ranting emailers but I have my inbox set up to auto send those to the trash file!) Once in a while though we still get emails that just make me stop and say, "what?"

This is the case with the email above. What's so shocking is this person's use of "squeal's". I think this person means squirrels, unless there is some new animal species of which I'm unaware. Not only did this person email the station, but sent the same letter to the ASPCA. I don't think the ASPCA would know what to do about "squeal's"!