I must share the craziness that I heard today because it’s all so random and on my mind.  I must share to make it a self-therapy of sorts.  If I have to deal with it, then you, who read this, can share and get a peek into the craziness I hear day in and day out.


As I walked onto the news desk this afternoon I heard from one of the scanner, Aurora I think but can’t be sure since I was just stepping onto the desk, “Reported vandalism of a car.  Caller says a man is hitting a car with a sledge hammer.”  Me: “uh, that’s more than just vandalism, that’s hate, that’s anger, that’s messed up and sad.”


Mid afternoon I heard a dispatcher from the scanner broadcast an alert.  “All officers be advised: John Doe has just been released from prison on various drug charges including possession and distribution of cocaine.  There is concern for his 14 year old daughter.  She is the one who turned him in and he knows it.  There is concern he may attack or harm his daughter.”


That’s all I heard.  I do know which scanner I heard it from, but out of safety for that child I’m not going to say it just in case – better safe than sorry.  I don’t know if an officer was sent to check in on this girl, or if she is safe.  I just can’t get this out of my head.  I’m scared for the girl and angry at the father.  I question a system where a child could potentially be put in harms way.


Then this evening I took a phone call from a very serious gentleman who told me he saw a human arm bone on the ground, on top of a grave at a cemetery he visited today.  He said it freaked him out so much he left as quick as possible, but didn’t report it to anyone until his call to the station, to me.  He asked to remain anonymous, but did leave his name and number for a reporter to call him.


Of course I think “ah, it’s the first day of October.  This must be my first Halloween practical joke call.”  But after the call ended I thought about his tone and about the fact he left all of his information with me.  He truly believed what he saw.  So of course, I’ve written it up to be checked tomorrow.  I have strong, strong doubts, but you never know. Right?


So I get to go home with all that jumbling around in my head.  Thankfully, on the news side of the day, it went pretty well with only a couple of hiccups.