I'm listening to Denver police conduct some kind of undercover bust. I've already moved Copter4. I've asked Doug to track down a photographer to go on the ground. I've told the producers what I'm hearing.

We're on alert for a homicide suspect that has been wanted since Wednesday night when he allegedly forced his girlfriend off the road, walked up to her car, and shot her. I can tell the officer on the scanner is tense as he moves other officers into location to move in on a suspect. Could this be the homicide suspect?

I've got the Denver scanner up as loud as it can go so I can hear it over the other 10 scanners. The phones are ringing. I give up and answer.

Me: CBS4 News this is Misty

Female Caller: Uh, yes, I was just wondering if you know how far it is from Denver to California? Uh, like 1200 miles?

Me in my head: Seriously?? I am not a map!

Me out loud: I honestly don't know.

Caller: Oh. (pause) Really? OK. Thank you.

Me: Bye

This is not the first call of this kind, nor will it be the last. To all hear my plea: I am not a map. I am not a phone book. Buy an Atlas. Call AAA. Call 411. Go to the library. There are lots of resources at the library.

Back to the bust: Copter4 is overhead. Suspect is now in custody. Not the homicide suspect. Looks like a drug bust. Photojournalist Dale arrives on scene and is told by an officer it's a bust over a $20 narcotics deal.

This won't even make air.

On to the next possible breaking news story...