A race for high definition. Sony XDCAM vs Panasonic P2. Final Cut Pro vs Avid. You Report vs I Report. TV news is a whole world of advancing technology.

So why is it callers are surprised the station has caller I.D., which has been a staple of households since the 90's? That's right our phones, like most home and cell phones, have caller I.D.

This means when you want to take out your frustrations on the person who answers the phone, usually me, I have your phone number, and even your name.

Tonight during the fourth call from the same man, who kept asking the same question and then interrupting me and getting louder and louder, I finally used my mommy voice and sternly explained, "Sir, I am no longer going to answer your calls if you continue calling. I have your number, 303-***-****, and I will hang up on you without even answering first!"

Finally, there was silence on his end as he realized I was telling him the truth.

In a much calmer voice he asked if he could ask me just one more question. "Only if it isn't the same question that you've been asking over and over because I've already answered it." He started out exactly the same way as every time before. "Sir, I really must work. I am hanging up now." Click.

He didn't call back.