“I’m in Longmont. Have you received any calls on lights in the sky?  My wife and I and two or three others saw this light that looked like a shooting start until it split into two and then crisscrossed each other until the lights faded out!” 

The caller went on to explain more about the lights.  He said Longmont Police had said the lights were from pyrotechnic skydivers but that he didn’t believe it.  I told him that I couldn’t confirm that but there was a group of pyrotechnic skydivers that have been doing shows over the past few weeks. 

The first I heard of this group was the night Broncos played Monday Night Football at Invesco Field.  The phones rang off the hook that night.  People were convinced something from space, alien or the International Space Station, had done something to hover and fall out of the sky.

I took a few more calls about the lights.  I talked to Longmont Police who said for sure the lights were the skydiving group for a Christmas event at a local park.  A friend on Twitter saw the show and told me how great the skydivers were.  There was no doubt this was the source of the lights.

I have spent the last few weeks taking these lights in the sky calls.  I’ve been able to find the source of each instance from the leonid Meteor Shower to the pyrotechnic skydivers.  I know I’m in the business of facts and all, but a little part of me feels cheated, like I just found out Santa wasn’t real or not. I’ve never believed in UFOs, but now I feel like I don’t even have to the chance to believe.  Crazy, eh?

YouTube video of the Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Skydivers.