I signed off from the CBS4 News desk for the last time last night after 10 plus years as an Assignment Editor because I’ve accepted the position of Digital Content Manager at 9News. When I think of my life, channel 4 and everyone at the station is right there along with thoughts about my family.  I can’t picture life away from there, but now I must. 

I grew up at channel 4 on the news desk.  I thought I knew everything when I started here right out of college and it turns out I knew very little.  I learned so much from everyone at channel 4 that I now consider friend, even family. 

Just as every family has a problem child, I readily admit I took my turn at being the problem child occasionally over the years.  The challenges were met with patience and guidance.  I am so grateful for every chance and opportunity I was given to learn, to grow, and to develop into the journalist I’ve become.

Saying thank you to everyone at 4 simply isn’t enough, but it’s all I’ve got and it comes from every part of my heart.

I did not come to this decision lightly.  Hours, days even, were spent in conversation, meditation and prayer in deciding to move my career in a new direction at 9News.  CBS4 News allowed me to become a journalist who focuses on utilizing social technologies and interactive marketing and media to connect with news consumers.  9News is embracing these journalistic efforts and will allow me to further develop new methods to reach people.

I was asked what my dream job would be.  It turns out my description almost 100% matches what 9News wants to do.  I am honored that I was chosen to lead, to share and to teach social outreach initiatives for 9News.  It’s not often someone gets to grab onto her dream job and develop it from the beginning. 

The great sadness I feel for leaving 4 is matched my excitement for this amazing opportunity.  I am thrilled to be meeting new people and to be working with talented journalists.  I believe our work will set industry standards.

I am committed to providing news in a way that best connects with our community.  This means that I have got to be open to many new and different options, that may not make the traditional journalist comfortable.  I want to hear from you on what you’d like to see happen.  I can’t promise that I’ll be able to do it, but I will always discuss ideas and implement what I can.

As always:  Be smart.  Be safe.  Don’t be the news... or at least don’t be the bad news. ;-D