I received two calls today from the same gentleman who desperately wanted to know if I could tell him if a company was legit or not. At first he couldn't remember the correct name of the company. I used what he had to do an archive search to see if I could find any story that may have been on the company. While I'm doing the search he tells me how he left a message on the CBS4 News investigation tip line earlier and wanted to know if we'd found out anything on the company yet.

The search ended without a single hit. I told him without the proper name, I can't do a search. "But, can't you just tell me if the company is good or not? We only watch channel 4 and I trust the investigators." At this, my mind and my heart both sigh, then; I actually sigh. I can tell this man has a story, has a problem, wants helps, wants news help.

Thankfully he called while the scanners and the phones were relatively calm. I had time to do a google search. With the phone steadied to my ear by my shoulder, I typed away. "Sir, I personally can't tell you if a company is legit or not. I can only tell you what our reporters have found, and if we didn't do a story I can't give you information. I'm not in a position where I can give a recommendation like that."

"Well, you can. You can tell me what you've heard or what the investigators have heard. I just need to know if this company is for real or not. My wife and I saw a commercial on it and we need help. We're looking for a company to help us out of our upside down mortgage before we lose the house."

"Sir, I really can't. Since the archive search didn't find anything, I did an Internet search to see if I can at least find you a link to this company. I didn't find anything this way either."

He couldn't think of the correct name. He just pleaded with me to give him any information I could on this company. "Sir, without the correct name, I can't do a true archive search on our stories to tell you what you want to know." I typed Colorado fore in the search bar before google auto filled the rest closure hotline. (I've frequently searched for this number.)

"Sir, all I can suggest is that you call the Colorado foreclosure hotline. This organization should be able to tell you what you need about this company, and if the company doesn't work for you, they should be able to direct you on how to get help."

"Oh, OK. Thank you for your time. Good night."

"Good night."

Two minutes later he called back. "Hi, I just spoke to you. I remember more about the company. I think it's a law company. That's what the commercial said. And, well, I've been forced into part time hours and my wife she's holding steady, but we... I mean me, not my wife, got scammed in a refinance where we were put in an ARM without our knowledge and now with fewer hours... We need help. I need to know if this company can help me."

In the background I hear his wife telling him he better find out if this company is legit and if it can help them.

"OK sir, you think this is a law company I'll do another search." I started an archive search and then I did a google search. Still no results.

"Sir, I still can't find anything. I still can't tell you anything about this company. I do recommend you call the hotline I gave you."

"Well, but, we're not in foreclosure yet."

"The hotline also helps people prevent foreclosure before it gets that far."

"Oh, OK. Thanks for listening. I hope I haven't taken up much of your time. I'll call the number you gave me. Can I call the investigators next week to see if they've been able to look up information on the company?"

"Of course sir, you can call back next week." I said this knowing full well that no one on the investigative team could do anything more than I did for him because he didn't even know the company name. It sounded like he needed to be told yes on something, even if it wasn't yes this company can save you. So I told him yes he could call back.

Calls like these are draining. I answer calls for help all the time. People need help getting their kids back after a court has taken them away. People need help dealing with a car company that sold them a lemon. People need help understanding why their loved ones have died. People need help dealing with the insurance company. People need help to provide them food, clothing and a home. People need help to save their home.

They call the news. They believe we, the news, have all the answers, can give them the help they need. More often than not, I can only listen and try to offer a little assistance by referring them to an organization that can help. More often than not, my day is so full, I don't have the time to truly listen. I have to cut the conversations short as soon as I find something to give them.