The news desk receives hundreds of emails every day from PR types, organizations like police, schools and hospitals, and viewers. Viewers email what they think are news tips, which is everything from witnessing something that could be considered breaking news, to letting us know of their child's school play, to rants on conspiracy theories.

I sift through it all and within a glance I know if it is:
1. to be shouted out to the newsroom because it's breaking or developing news
2. to be filed under the day's press releases, added to stories we're following, or placed in a future day file for possible coverage
3. to be immediately trashed

The desk received the below email. Sadly, it caught my eye because it's written so well compared to many emails that are sent. I read it just to figure out if there was some type of surprise twist to make it a legit release. But, no. So I'm sharing with you, so you can get a taste of the crazy that I see all too often.

I am not including the viewers name or email address, because, although I may think this is crazy, it's not my place to out a viewer.


In the event of my death, I would like all data and information pertaining to my work to be turned over to Google, US Government, Music Artists And Bands, And All Those Who Create Art. I Will not have this used by Evil me, and the associated groups of propaganda, hate and abuse take over youtube servers. These people are running wild with garbage information. For people to not listen to ones story from the very beginning, claiming to have information and more knowledge about me and what is going on. They are fools. They continue to spam non sense information and only choose to show what information they want to the world. This is what I mean about Technology going over the heads of many.

I have seen my death within a dream, so in light of this, and due to the fact that many events have happend that I have had dreams about before the event. I would like share all data with those who choose to use it for the common good of man. I have talked to my close friends and family which have known about this work, and have been eye witnesses to these matters as well. They should be the ones to speak with in the event of my passing.