I’ve been called many things and accused of many things by those who call the newsroom to share their complaints, frustration, and anger.  I’ve been accused of being an instigator by encouraging and rallying for reaction from the public.  I was thrown back a little the other day when a caller accused me and the media in general of NOT inciting the public.


When I answered the phone the caller immediately launched into his tale without pausing for breath.  He rambled about September 25th being the Muslim day of Prayer event scheduled in Washington D.C. and complained about the lack of media coverage.  I was expecting him to ask angrily why the newscasts were ignoring the Muslims and favoring Christian or non-secular holidays.  (Those calls come in every year.)


“Why have you NOT talked about this on the news?  Why aren’t you telling the public about it?  You NEED to be telling us about this during all the news shows.  We need to know so we can organize and stop them!”


PAUSE as I digest what’s being said to me.


“Sir, you want the news to stop an organized day of prayer?”


“You are so blinded and liberal.  It is your RESPONSIBILITY to incite the public!  Media used to rally the people; let us know the injustices so we could protest.  Now you’re all wimps or bought off!”


I knew that nothing I could say would ever get through to this angry man yelling at me.  I did tell him it was never the responsibility of any journalist to outright call for protests and to purposefully incite the public.  He hung up on me.


There is so much hate these days.  As hard as I try to ignore it, my job puts me front and center of seeing it and hearing it.  My only recourse is to offer a prayer requesting hate not to win.