This afternoon the news desk received two very viable news tips.  I was unable to confirm either tip.  My gut tells me that tomorrow, both tips will be a story.


It’s frustrating when this happens.  I can only do so much from the news desk like make as many calls as possible until I reach anyone who will give me an answer.  If the answer is no comment or no that’s incorrect, I’m stuck. 


I’m on the news desk communicating through email, phone calls and even Twitter.  None of this replaces the face to face conversations where you can read facial expressions and work to find a way to talk openly about a subject.  I listen for any voice fluctuation, pauses, stumbles but often the conversation ends with a click with no second chances.


When facing following a news tip that isn’t confirmed or going out on a strong story you know can turn, the answer is usually the set story.  Unless the tip would be a big get, a huge breaking story, you stick to the set story; especially when all crews are already tapped and your options are to chase in hope or to lose a sure thing.  That’s what presented itself today.  Both tips are good stories that will get media coverage if even half the information is correct.  However, neither is the kind you risk it all for and send all you have.


Tomorrow though, I would raise a fuss; stomp in frustration and, yes even whine a bit, if either are both turn into stories.  I would call the official PR people I spoke to today to ask about being mislead. That won’t turn back time to where I am given straight answers upfront.  It’s a game I’ve learned to play and I do understand my role in it.  I don’t always like it though.