I noticed last night as I was leaving that there was a bowl with a stick of butter in it on the desk behind the assignment desk. I don’t remember the exact phrase I said, but as I grabbed my coat and saw it I exclaimed something like, “seriously? Is that butter on the desk?” Then I walked away.

I figured the owner of the butter would take care of it in the morning, so I didn’t touch it. The bowl the butter is in is a nice bowl. I have lost many-a-bowl to the underbelly of the break room. By leaving the bowl I was trying to save the owner from the pains, the feeling of loss and frustration, when he/she cannot find the bowl. Besides, the bowl is sealed, any growth and contaminates the butter now has is contained, right?

It’s almost 24-hours since I first noticed the butter in the bowl. IT’S STILL THERE. I’m sorry bowl owner. I hate that I could potentially be causing you to feel confusion and loss when you can’t find your bowl on the back of the desk, but the butter has to go. Dear bowl owner, if you read this, I’m tossing the butter and placing your nice glass frigoverre Bormioli Rocco bowl in the dirty dishes container so it will be washed in the dishwasher. Where it goes from there, I don’t know; I’m not sure anyone truly knows where all the bowls go that get left in the break room.