I understand hot button issues. I expect to receive calls on issues that people really care about. But, PLLEEEAASSSE, please, I implore you, keep your temper in check and just talk to me. I am a reasonable human being. I will discuss your concerns with the story with you. I will pass on your complaints to the reporter, producer, and even the news director.

I just hung up the phone on a woman extremely upset with how a reporter did a story on a bill in legislature regarding in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. The reporter never used the word illegal, only immigrant. Governor Ritter says illegal immigrant in the soundbite used in the package. I understand this woman's complaints.

Me: CBS4 News this is Misty

Caller: Yes, I have something to say about the story on channel 4 that YOU just put on. Your lead.. the LEAD story. Do you even know what that was?

Me: You want to know our lead story?

Caller: Yes, you tell me what YOUR lead was.

Me: the tuition bill (in my head - oh she's going to yell at me now.) What is your complaint?

And she did. She yelled about how inappropriate and biased our report was. She yelled about the story making it seem like the immigrants we were talking about had just arrived from Ireland.

Yes, she seriously said that. This is when I interrupted.

Me: "Ma'am, I understand your complaint and I will talk to the reporter. I will share your concerns with her.

Caller: Yeah, right. No you won't!

At that, my temper choked in my throat.

Me: How dare you say that to me! You have no idea who I am or what I will or will not do! I am taking extreme offense with you and your assumptions about me. I have listened to your complaint and now you have insulted me!

Caller: No, you're right I don't know you, but I just thought it was company policy to...

(I interrupt)

Me: That is NOT company policy. The assumption you have just made is absolutely false. If you do not believe me, I encourage you to call the station manager or the news director. I have told you I will pass on your concerns and I will. So, ma'am, I'm going to hang up the phone now. Have a good night!


I hang up as she's saying something that I don't care to understand.

I take a lot on the phones. I hold my tongue when I want to share my opinion, but understand it's not my place because this is a news station and I try to be an unbiased journalist at all times. I take a lot of warm kind calls, along with the abusive, insolent and ignorant calls.

From the caller that brings out all of my compassion to a caller that triggers my temper. Phew... I'm done with the phones today. Drink please: Extra dirty martini, good vodka please.