I’m taking a very serious, critical look at my time thus far as Digital Content Manager at 9NEWS

Only seconds have passed and the truth is hitting me upside the head: I haven’t spent enough time, nor have proper planning to actually have moved the station more than an inch in effectively utilizing social media.  This truth is quickly followed with a smack to the other side of my head: I haven’t lived what I’ve been preaching.

I wrote a 10-page Social Media Action Plan before I stepped in the doors of 9NEWS as an employee.  The plan covered working with the different entities of 9NEWS, which includes news, community relations, MomsLikeMe, MetroMix, etc.  It covered training and implementing social media use for individuals.  I’m looking at the plan and see that I have dabbled a bit in each section of the plan, but I can’t cross anything actually off the plan.

In my first days at 9NEWS I sat down with Patti Dennis, VP and News Director, to write out a 90-day action plan.  I’m looking at that plan and see the exact same as I see in the plan I wrote.  I’ve made steps, but can’t cross anything off.

My 90-days are up.  I have realized that I am breaking one of my own social media rules: Don’t just do, plan. 

When I write social media plans I always include “Have a Flexible Strategy” as social media itself changes so often.  I honestly hadn’t thought of having a “Flexible Strategy” to cover the, “oh, this is happening now I need to do it,” projects.  This is where I’ve found myself in the “Just Do” situation and end up staying in “Just Do” instead of taking a step to fully plan. 

I found myself with many projects and needs I that hadn’t anticipated.  I felt like I was in the middle of a flash mob that I had planned, but couldn’t keep up with the steps.  Instead of taking a breath, resetting myself and starting again, I just did and was a step or three behind where I should have been. 

During this time I and others have joked around about not having enough time for my own social media accounts now that I work solely with social and digital media.  I’ve been extremely active on various 9NEWS accounts, but have let myself ignore my own accounts.  I just told myself that this was never about me and my accounts, but what I need to do for the station.

While that’s the truth, it’s not correct.  How can I expect others to incorporate social media use into their day-to-day routine, when I’m not doing it?  I can’t. 

I am now writing two more strategic plans, one for the station and one for myself.