I normally don’t like the changes facebook rolls out as it tries to expand and evolve.  No, I don’t fully understand the different feeds in facebook.  Until tonight the two feeds, Live and News, have been bothersome, filled with stuff I just don’t care to see, and items I can’t figure out how to not see (like who friends who.)  Tonight though, I actually saw a benefit of the News Feed. 

Early in my shift On the News Desk I posted a status update that was really a request for Molly Hughes.  I was trying to help her find people to interview for a story.  I received many comments and suggestions throughout the night.  I was amazed the conversation kept going.  Then it hit me, the conversation continued because it had shown up in others’ News Feeds; where the most popular updates are supposed to go. (I think… again, I’m still figuring it out.) 

If it hadn’t been in the News Feeds, there may have been fewer comments, fewer suggestions and possible sources.  So if I’m right, I sort of see the light of the News Feeds.