I believe it was in 2010 when Facebook rolled out emails to all of us Facebook users. The email is based on our Facebook username. Anyone who actually knew that email address could use it from any non-Facebook email account, like gmail, yahoo, official work email, etc.

Facebook has now made the Facebook email assigned to each of us the email that shows in our Contact Information area on our Facebook profiles. Oh, how exciting that Facebook yet again makes a change without telling us about it. But, Facebook is free and I get why Facebook likes to make it all about Facebook.

As you see, my Facebook email is shown, not my personal email. I want my personal email to be shown for several reasons - it matches my business cards, that's what my family/friends already know, that's the email I want strangers to use to send me news tips.

Emails sent to my Facebook email will show up in my Messages folder. Any message from someone who is not a Facebook friend may not show up in main Messages, but under the small, often forgotten, "Other" tab that only shows when you open Messages. I rarely remember to check "Other" and I bet I'm not alone.

Here are the simple steps to make sure your personal, primary email is shown instead of Facebook's email.

1. On your profile page, not your news wall, CLICK on About, which is found under your profile picture.

2. CLICK Edit in your Contact Info section.

3. CLICK on the upside down triangle across from your Facebook Email to edit how it's seen. SWITCH from "Shown on Timeline" to "Hidden from Timeline"

4. CLICK Save

That's it. Your personal email is now being shown in your Contact Info section instead of your Facebook Email.

NOTE this only matters if you even allow your email to be shown at all. You can choose to hide all emails from Timeline, or make it visible to a custom small group of people, friends only, friends of friends or public. If you're not sure what your friends or the public see on your profile CLICK on the triangle by your Activity Log, which is located under your Cover Photo on your Profile. CLICK View As. Here you can choose to view as Public or as a friend. You can move through your entire profile this way to see what posts and information are shown.