Twitter allows interaction with the viewers I'm trying to reach. Twitter allows Tweeps to share in my day, share my journey of news each night. Twitter makes the news more than just headlines. Twitter allows transparency in news coverage. Twitter allows Tweeps to have ownership in the news.

All of that is possible in Twitter because Twitter is what you want it to be. You can make Twitter work for you in any way that you want. I use Twitter for all the above reasons.

I have two simple Twitter Rules:
Be courteous

I've shown myself to be an average person, just like you, doing my job that happens to be in news. Tweeps follow me and now trust me. This became apparent Friday night when I received a this Tweet FROM @RR5280:

TO @msmistyj My daughter jst got home says she just witnessed a hi speed police chase invlving 6-7 police cars chasing a Passat(?) In WR/Arvada"

I hadn't heard it yet on the scanners. At that point I was in breaking news mode: listen, confirm, analyze, cover. Below is my Twitter conversation through the night. See for yourselves how viewers responded and helped me cover this breaking news. (Unless the message starts with FROM, the Tweets are mine directed to other Tweeps and all that follow me. When the message starts with FROM, that is a Tweet sent to me.)

1. @RR5280 how long ago? I'm hearing something now that's requiring Air One to assist in a search.. but have no details yet9:49 PM Mar 27th in reply to RR5280

2. FROM: @RR5280 TO @msmistyj About 5-10 minutes ago she was at 52nd and Wadsworth. Chase was going south on Wads so already you've prbbly got 2-3 jurisdict ...

3. sounds like we've got a perimeter around 47th/Lamar.. incident started in Arvada, ended in Wheat Ridge w/suspect on loose9:53 PM Mar 27th

4. @RR5280 I'm not sure yet what suspect is wanted for.. hearing 1 BOLO for a domestic abuse suspect, but have nothing confirmed yet9:54 PM Mar 27th in reply to RR5280

5. FROM: @angel_elle3300 TO @msmistyj several police cars blocking the north bound lanes of wads at i70

6. @angel_elle3300 thanks! I think there's a suspect search, but don't have details yet.9:55 PM Mar 27th in reply to angel_elle3300

7. @angel_elle3300 @RR5280 all Arvada dispatch will tell me is there was an ax NB Wads @ I70. Sounds like there's a run vehicle involved.9:57 PM Mar 27th in reply to angel_elle3300

8. FROM: @joshclauss TO @msmistyj Following you makes me feel safer and scares the bejesus out of me all at the same time.

9. @joshclauss tell me about it! I hear scanners in my sleep... good dreams and bad9:58 PM Mar 27th in reply to joshclauss

10. Arvada PIO is checking on situation for me. From what I can tell, 1 or even 2, accident scenes, now a search requesting Air 1 & K9 units10:01 PM Mar 27th

11. Arvada PIO CONFIRMS suspect fled from @ least 1ax scene. Poss. suspect was involved in 2 ax. Air1 & K9 searching. @RR5280 @angel_elle330010:06 PM Mar 27th in reply to RR5280

12. Scanner has perimeter set up in Wheat Ridge jurisdiction. Can now hear crews on the CLEER ch. an inter-agency ch. for them to communicate.10:09 PM Mar 27th

13. NOT confirmed: one of these accidents may have resulted in a fatality. Photographer is headed to scene10:13 PM Mar 27th

14. @angel_elle3300 thanks. PD think suspect is on foot following clear creek. He's injured, trailing blood. @RR528010:17 PM Mar 27th in reply to angel_elle3300

15. FROM: @angel_elle3300 TO @msmistyj wads closed both directions police lined south side of i70 but harlan exit open eastbound

16. @angel_elle3300 thanks for road info.. that really helps the photographer who is trying to get to the scene10:20 PM Mar 27th in reply to angel_elle3300

17. can hear the a K9 unit barking while searching for suspect who may have lost his shoe in clear creek.10:24 PM Mar 27th

18. I'll be checking w/photographer thru the night, but I must leave the news desk for now. Thanks for following 2day!10:36 PM Mar 27th

19. Photographer finally headed back 2 the station. PIO went 2 scene 2do interview. CONFIRM suspect driving stolen vehicle crashes & flees.12:31 AM Mar 28th

20. Arvada: CONFIRM driver of 2nd vehicle was taken to hospital in critical condition. Suspect still on the loose. Search ongoing.12:31 AM Mar 28th

21. Arvada: that's all we'll get 2nite. Will have 2 follow 2morrow.12:32 AM Mar 28th

22. Arvada: photographer checking out reported location suspect could be. @ScanColorado reports suspect is in custody @ 4720 Otis12:35 AM Mar 28th

23. FROM: @aarondelay TO @msmistyj and @scancolorado you guys are rocking it out...loving the news and scanner reports!

24. @aarondelay thanks!12:47 AM Mar 28th

25. Photographer reports: "Got the shot." Suspect in Arvada in custody. Good night all. My news night is over. @cbs4denver is always on12:48 AM Mar 28th