There are very few reasons I block anyone from facebook or Twitter.  Pure spam.  Porn.   Insults just because I’m a member of the media. These types of accounts I block.

I’ve never stopped any other journalist or news organization from following me; not even direct competition.  To do so goes against all I preach about using social networks.  Plus I want to follow them to see what they’re doing! 

One local journalist has a public account but has blocked me and @cbs4denver.  I’m guessing this journalist has done the same for other competition.  I don’t believe in this practice, but I can't specifically say it's wrong either.

Today however a new local media Twitter account started following me.  Then name indicates it’s a private account for a media organization, not a individual journalist.  I’ve requested to follow the account since it’s following me.  My request hasn’t been accepted yet.

The name of the account indicates its purpose is for breaking news.  I don’t know if it just follows or actually tweets breaking news.  I do know I don’t like it.  It feels like I’m being used because I’m not allowed access.  It really does feel different to me when it’s a two-way situation.

So I am considering blocking this account from my account.  Of course I know there are other ways the person responsible for that account can monitor my tweets.  That person could easily have another account that has nothing to do with media and is following me.  I’d have no idea then.   That’s the nature of the game. 

However a private media organization account seems to be breaking the rules; well, my rules anyway.  I sit here and am torn.  What do you think I should do?  Let this account follow me even if I’m never allowed to follow it?  Block the account?