My time as an Assignment Editor provided many stories on which I shared in my first blog.  While I'm no longer On the News Desk, the stories and lessons shouldn't be forgotten. 


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Follow the debate hashtags and social conversation

Posted by Misty Montano on Wednesday, October 3, 2012, In : Integrating Social Media 
"What is the hashtag?" This is one of the 1st questions event planners should ask, decide and push. It takes effort to make a hashtag stick. The only exception I've seen to this is the occasional big, breaking news story. In the end the users, specifically social influencers on Twitter, decide what the tag will be.

Tonight, and all of the debates, will be user-powered. The hashtag with the most use may or may not be the official tag determined by @UofDenver or @Gov.

I'm monitoring at least 1/2 ...

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Interactive maps give understanding to breaking news

Posted by Misty Montano on Tuesday, June 19, 2012, In : Integrating Social Media 

During wildfires one of the most requested items is a map. A map is sometimes the only line residents have to their homes during a wildfire. Infrared photos of the fire are taken from the air to give the most precise mapping of fire movement.

Infrared mapping isn't the only mapping option, though. Interactive maps can give people a deeper understanding of what's happening.

Based off of geographic information systems (GIS) sets of data can be layered on a map to help understand and visualize ...

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How to use Facebook scheduling

Posted by Misty Montano on Wednesday, June 6, 2012, In : Integrating Social Media 

You may have heard that last week Facebook started allowing posts on pages to be scheduled through Facebook itself, instead of a 3rd party app like Hootsuite. Here's a quick look at how, and why to use Facebook instead of a 3rd party app.

1. Create your post - status update or photo/video like you normally would. Instead of clicking "Post" click on the clock icon in the lower left hand corner of the post. This is the same procedure as if you've adding milestones or posts to your Timeline. Inst...
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Timeline: This is your life. Protect it.

Posted by Misty Montano on Wednesday, December 28, 2011, In : Integrating Social Media 

How often do you check your Facebook profile, not your wall, but your profile?

My husband can’t remember the last time he checked his profile. This evening he clicked on it and found he had Timeline. It was already public, which means he missed his 7-days grace period to edit and curate his Timeline.

He didn’t mind. He sat there and went through his Timeline laughing at posts and pictures. Memories he had forgotten came flashing back.

He found posts and tags from friends with whom he’s n...
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Playing the Facebook numbers game

Posted by Misty Montano on Friday, December 2, 2011, In : Integrating Social Media 

Last time I wrote and published a blog it was right after Facebook changed… again. The changes again had to do with how your newsfeed looks to you. This change drastically hurt pages at the time and for a good week because your newsfeed is now built on your interactions with your friends, groups and pages and your own ranking of posts as “Top Stories” or not.

Since that first week the ranking of pages improved to where the pages to which I am an administrator had the normal amount of t...
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Facebook news feed is hurting Facebook pages

Posted by Misty Montano on Sunday, September 25, 2011, In : Integrating Social Media 

Within minutes of seeing the roll-out of the new Facebook news feed on Wednesday I knew the changes would hurt pages.  FB is taking all of your past use of FB to decide the order the posts you see on your FB news feed.  It seems FB is ranking Profiles over Pages.  

I noticed right away that if a Page I've liked has posted within a short amount of time before I logged in, that Page's post showed up towards the top in "Recent Stories."  Then I noticed I had to scroll way down on my news fee...

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Wading through the Facebook changes... again

Posted by Misty Montano on Wednesday, September 21, 2011, In : Integrating Social Media 

I've been asked by several people today how I'm figuring out the new FB design.  I definitely don't know all the answers, but here is what I've been able to figure out and first impressions.  Some of what I've written is my own personal opinion on the changes. If you have a different idea about them, I'd love to hear it.

I rushed to put this together between meetings and have not had time to take screen shots to better illustrate what FB has done.  Mashable has a few screen shots that may ...

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Journalists: social media is about moments

Posted by Misty Montano on Friday, July 29, 2011, In : Integrating Social Media 

To understand how to use social media you might want to forget you’re a journalist.  Then when you do use social media you need to remember you’re a journalist.  Make sense?

Here’s the deal.  We are trained to not share the story process or personal details of life.  We are trained not to give away the story until it’s on the web or on the air. 

Holding to this training while trying to do social media will just cause you to fail, and even resent it. 

Social media is not about the fina...

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I've gone to the dark side: Marketing

Posted by Misty Montano on Wednesday, July 20, 2011, In : Integrating Social Media 

I have gone to the dark side. 
I sometimes wonder who I am.
I see numbers in my sleep.

Ask any journalist about his/her math skills and you’ll probably find yourself hearing some joke about becoming a journalist to avoid working with numbers.  Little did I know utilizing social media would put me smack in the middle of a bed of numbers. 

The numbers were on the wall long, long ago when I realized I had branded myself by accident by using Twitter as a journalist.  Every time I speak to stu...

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Working to define, not be defined

Posted by Misty Montano on Monday, June 20, 2011, In : Integrating Social Media 

Almost three months have passed since I last wrote and announced my decision to leave CBS4 News after 10 1/2 years On the News Desk.

I’ve been waiting for my feet to find steady ground.  I’ve been finding my new place and how exactly I fit.  I’ve been too exhausted at the end of the day to write.

I have composed many blogs in my mind and seriously need to start recording my thoughts so they aren’t lost!

My personal blog has been just as neglected, which is truly sad because I had pla...

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90-day review of myself

Posted by Misty Montano on Monday, June 20, 2011, In : Integrating Social Media 

I’m taking a very serious, critical look at my time thus far as Digital Content Manager at 9NEWS

Only seconds have passed and the truth is hitting me upside the head: I haven’t spent enough time, nor have proper planning to actually have moved the station more than an inch in effectively utilizing social media.  This truth is quickly followed with a smack to the other side of my head: I haven’t lived what I’ve been preaching.

I wrote a 10-page Social Media Action Plan before I steppe...

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