My time as an Assignment Editor provided many stories on which I shared in my first blog.  While I'm no longer On the News Desk, the stories and lessons shouldn't be forgotten. 


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Timeline: This is your life. Protect it.

Posted by Misty Montano on Wednesday, December 28, 2011, In : Integrating Social Media 

How often do you check your Facebook profile, not your wall, but your profile?

My husband can’t remember the last time he checked his profile. This evening he clicked on it and found he had Timeline. It was already public, which means he missed his 7-days grace period to edit and curate his Timeline.

He didn’t mind. He sat there and went through his Timeline laughing at posts and pictures. Memories he had forgotten came flashing back.

He found posts and tags from friends with whom he’s n...
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Playing the Facebook numbers game

Posted by Misty Montano on Friday, December 2, 2011, In : Integrating Social Media 

Last time I wrote and published a blog it was right after Facebook changed… again. The changes again had to do with how your newsfeed looks to you. This change drastically hurt pages at the time and for a good week because your newsfeed is now built on your interactions with your friends, groups and pages and your own ranking of posts as “Top Stories” or not.

Since that first week the ranking of pages improved to where the pages to which I am an administrator had the normal amount of t...
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A Social Media Conversation for Journalists

Posted by Misty Montano on Saturday, October 3, 2009, In : Integrating Social Media 

September 30, 2009 Denver Press Club

We gathered to answer questions of using Social Media in news, as a journalist.  From questions of marketing and branding to verification of sources we answered a wide range of questions.  Those who attended the seminar guided the discussion and shared some of what they are currently experiencing with social media.  We talked for just about two hours.  I encourage you to watch the entire discussion, in bits and pieces as you have time.  I hope you find answ...
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Misty Montano I am a Journalist using Social Technologies and Interactive Media to connect with news consumers. I am the Digital Content Manager at 9News in Denver, CO. Previously I was an Assignment Editor at CBS4 News in Denver where I won my first Regional Emmy for my work and spent the first 10 years of my career. I truly grew up On the News Desk.