UPDATE Friday, May 29th:

It's official I will be speaking at a social media seminar during the NPPA Convergence in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. Then I will moderate a panel discussion on social media. So I need help/advice. Those who attend are journalists wanting to know how to use social media. Some may already utilize social media, but others may not.

I'm asking you: what do you want from your local journalist or news organization using social media?

This is a whole new field for many of us journalists. Please share your thoughts and ideas. I'll do my best to advise fellow journalists on utilizing social media.

Thank you,

I have had many conversations on mainstream media use of social media platforms. I stick firm to my belief that mainstream media and journalists should use move with social media as it evolves. I believe this will create a better relationship between journalist and consumer. That is what I strive to do with my Twitter account @MistyMontano. I share my own personality and the news from my position as an assignment editor. I strive to create connections/relationships within the community CBS4 News reaches.

What if I didn't just focus on reaching the CBS4 News community? What if I broadened my focus and started following thousands? (Hey 1,000/day is the limit!) Would I offer any value to those following me outside of the news community I'm serving? Admittedly I'm very localized to the metro area when I'm Tweeting scanner chatter and local news events. Would I need to broaden my Tweets, search out news in other communities to share?

As much as social media can reach the thousands, even millions, it can also create small micro-communties that specifically seek information on one topic or from one specific location. Do I only follow and find the viewers of CBS4 News? Do I search for those interested in any and all news organizations or those interested in police/emergency scanners?

Do I search at all or just let those who want information from me, find me? After all, how can I create relationships if I only seek certain individuals?

I've been given great advice on what I should or should not do as a journalist with social media, specifically Twitter. I'd love to know what you want from any local journalist using social media. Where do you think the news is moving? How do you want mainstream media to use social media?