Comment Policy

I invite you to participate, to comment and to share.  I must make it clear that the opinions and comments that you or others share may not reflect the same opinions or beliefs that I have.  I would not be a good hostess if I insisted you all have the same ideas as me!  I welcome various opinions and discussions.  Through it all I hope we can learn from one another.

Respect the community.

I ask that all communications and posts be respectful.  Be respectful in comments and in what you post.   Anything I determine to be disrespectful or abusive, such as language, inappropriate pictures or video, or spam will be deleted.

Yes, spam will be deleted.  I define spam as blatant advertisements for products that have nothing to do with this community, community members and this website.  Spam is also repeat posts over and over.

I also have the right to block any person or organization that is continually disruptive to this community or my website.  I’ve invited you to join me here, but will do what I have to do to maintain a place of respect.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me