WELCOME to my new website. In the hectic chaos of life I missed my opportunity to hold onto my former domain mistymontano.com

Lesson learned. 

Here you can find all my musings from On the News DeskSoDig Journalism, and Mistyical Me

Here is where I share my ever evolving life as a wife, step mom, mom and  journalist. 

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My official work title is "Digital Content Manager" for 9NEWS, KUSA*TV, in Denver. This fancy title means I get to play in social, digital and mobile space all day long. My goal is to create Social TV for my station and with my colleagues. 

Every journalist should be past the beginning question of "Why should I use social media?" Journalists should be asking, "How can social media help me tell better stories, do better work and how can it help me reach more people?"

Since I am a Television news journalist, I focus on making a complete circle among TV news, the website and social media to create Social TV. Social TV is not just reading social comments on the news. It is using social media to add value and content to our stories and projects. It is creating ways for TV news viewers to be a part of our process and to have the pay off of our acknowledgement of their participation during the news.

~ Misty Montano

Social TV projects

Current Social TV projects for 9NEWS incorporate articles for 9NEWS.com that explain exactly how viewers can participate with us; includes a social archive of what viewers did; and (hopefully) a video that shows how viewer social posts were incorporated into the newscast. 

#9Jobs chat - a weekly chat hosted on the 9NEWS Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts. It's purpose is to connect employers with job seekers. Employers who participate in the chat with us have the chance of being featured during a business segment during 9NEWS Mornings. We ReTweet both employer and job seeker Tweets. http://on9news.tv/178sElu

#9Events - a weekly social conversation about the happenings around Colorado on the weekends. The events that are submitted on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ have the chance to be picked as one of "The Top 9 Things to do in Colorado" for an article on 9NEWS.com. Those using the hashtag may be selected for an individualized weather forecast during the weekend mornings shows. http://on9news.tv/14UPGKA

#9wx coverage - a consistent conversation about the weather in Colorado. During big weather events our viewers submit photos and weather reports using the hashtag. Their photos could be used during the news or added to a photo gallery on 9NEWS.com. (We request permission to use the photos.) http://on9news.tv/12b1mdA

#9WTK Google Hangout on Air - We host Google Hangouts with our investigative unit, 9Wants to Know, to answer questions about specific stories or general questions on the investigative reporting process. At times the recorded Hangouts are used around a story, or are shown live during a newscast. http://on9news.tv/12b3ja2